Sunday, July 24, 2005


"Way Better Than Doin' Funerals"

Friday Coffeeblogging #13 (45.9 MB mp3)

  • Title: "Way Better Than Doin' Funerals"
  • Date: 07/15/05
  • Location: The Radio Bean
  • Personnel: Bill
  • Very Special Blossom: Matty the Greek
  • Guests: Agent X, Zephyr Teachout, Steve & Eve and Cathy Resmer
  • Subjects: The dark arts, ZT for congress?, the nerd Harmonic Convergence, The Carpetbagger Report, Winooski Eagle Online, pretend tech-heads, science and tech ignorance in media and Connie Willis
  • Gear by: VCAM
  • Music: The White Stripes, Men at Work, Dope, Thomas Dolby, The Beatles and Osibisa
  • Recording and editing via: Apple Final Cut Pro HD
  • Running time: 33:25

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